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DeMaio, Vicky & Zientek, Jill – The Art of Our Healing CPE SUMMER 2022

The Hopecast with Rachael Flick-Episode 101-Jill Zientek and Vicky DeMaio Part 1

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Vicky and her husband Mark are in this video below…

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3 thoughts on “Media / Reviews”

  1. Kathy Massingale says:

    Vicky and Jill followed God’s leading in the compilation of their individual stories of loss in their lives. Through both the written word and the beautiful artistic expressions, the reader is able to walk alongside, to identify with the tragedies and relate to them on a personal level. Most importantly, the book serves as a flashing neon sign leading to the only source of healing….Jesus Christ. I encourage you to immerse yourself in the experience of this beautiful book, and then to surface filled with hope through Christ!

  2. Marilyn Brooks says:

    Such a positive message of hope & healing! A must-read for anyone grieving a loss.

  3. Marsha Reagan says:

    Vicky and Jill opened their hearts and used the many talents God has given them to write this book, and share it with all. Isn’t that what God has asked all of us to do? Those of us who have gone through hardships, who have experienced grief to pave the way for those who will in the future. Because we surely all will.

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